VFO Hub Difference

World-Class Education – Live Conference + Live Video Conferencing + Live Phone Conferencing + Recorded Video Training

VFO Hub Difference

World-Class Thought Leadership / Best Practices / Consulting / Coaching

VFO Hub Difference

Best-of-Breed, Global Network of Resources / Specialists

VFO Hub Difference

Fact Pattern Analytics – Revolutionary, Strategic Leverage to Expand Your BrainTrust

VFO Hub Difference

How do closed networks like Family Offices, Multi-Family Offices, Virtual Family Offices and Leading CPA Firms gain access to the world-class resources, ideas and solutions (without third-party referral risk) from the brightest people in the country, when the best and the brightest don’t want to work for them exclusively?

How do Virtual Family Offices and Leading CPAs separate themselves from competition and offer an irresistible value proposition?

VFO Hub is YOUR SUPER HUB. VFO Hub is designed as an open platform, offering best-of-breed resources and services in every specialty that a Family Office or Leading CPA firm would need to serve their most affluent clients.

VFO Hub makes these carefully vetted resources available immediately to our Members so they know what they need to handle a challenging project.

And when our Members require a comprehensive solution where more than one resource is needed to operate in a team environment, VFO Hub facilitates the ability to efficiently access the very best ideas from multiple experts from the global community of specialists using a proprietary collaborative process that eliminates risk and makes you look amazing as the quarterback of this world-class team.

VFO Hub was originally introduced to the Family Office and CPA marketplace in 1996, and its Facilitators have been perfecting this revolutionary model ever since, as they SUPERCHARGED the firms they were supporting.

Not only are each of the specialists carefully vetted through an arduous, multi-step process, but each of the specialists are trained by VFO Hub Facilitators on how to work inside the VFO Hub proprietary model – in order to make you, the VFO Hub Member (not the specialist), look amazing in the eyes of your very best clients.

VFO Hub Membership enables you to enjoy incredible leverage and control over each project while saving you incredible amounts of time and energy.

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