Case Studies

The founders of VFO Hub have been peerless in their ability to supercharge and differentiate Single Family Offices, Virtual Family Offices and leading CPA firms since 1996. Theses case studies below illustrate this fact.

Our vision was to provide a uniquely, powerful solution to a problem that nobody else was addressing – How to organize a super team of the country’s leading thought leaders, specialists and resources so that SFOs, VFOs, and leading CPAs could efficiently access their proprietary ideas and solutions for their most important clients.

Case Studies

  • CPA Extends His Services for Family Offices

    A client with a net worth of $85M was forced to manage relationships with his CPA, Financial Advisors, Attorneys, CFO, Bookkeeper as well as run the family business and also have time for his family and other interests. He was ignored by traditional Family Offices, because he only had $6M of liquid assets, and ... Read More
  • CPA Reduces Client’s Tax Liability

    A leading CPA who had engaged VFO Hub to provide Virtual Family Office services to his best clients had a client who was paying $2.5M in taxes on $8M of net income. This client wanted to reduce taxes, protect his estate, and keep his best employees from leaving to join a competitor. Fact Pattern Analytics was brought ... Read More
  • Software Developer Needs Captive Insurance Specialist

    A software developer with a $250M net worth and a $17M net income wanted to reduce his taxable income and develop an efficient wealth transfer/estate liquidity plan. The client’s CPA had been a long time partner/client of VFO Hub with Fact Pattern Analytics and asked us to assist. VFO Hub analyzed the Fact Pattern, paying special attention ... Read More
  • VFO Hub CPA Lands $300M Client

    A VFO leader who was trying to engage with a client earning $300M per year, that had a number of complex issues that were not being addressed by their current CPA and planning team. After engaging with VFO Hub, we were able to prepare him for this meeting and arm him with the conversational scripts, marketing ... Read More