VFO Hub is an exclusive, invitation-only community. To become a VFO Hub member, please send your Resume and Cover Letter to that includes your firm’s goals, the types of clients you like to support, and why you want to become a VFO Hub member. If you have been referred by another VFO Hub Member or VFO Hub Facilitator, let us know.

  • VFO Hub Elite Membership

  • Access the VFO Hub Network

    (Web and Live Conferences)

  • Access Best-in-Class-Resources
  • New VFO Revenue Streams
  • Access Fact Pattern Analytics

    (Unlimited Fact Patterns/YR)

  • Discounts on Resources

    Members receive deep discounts on best in class resources

  • Access to VFO Hub Back Office

    (Education and Materials)

  • Dedicated 24/7 VFO Hub Facilitator Support
  • Live Access to FPA Analysts


  • Private Label Back Office Materials
  • Advanced Dialogue Logistics “Dialogics” Coaching
  • Leadership/Best Practices Live Coaching

    (4 Hours/MO)

  • Assistance in Building and Managing
    a Virtual Family Office

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