Best-in-Class Resources

Best-in-Class ResourcesIf you qualify for VFO Hub Membership, you can deliver world-class, best-in-class resources and solutions to your very best clients. Whether you want VFO Hub to assist you with a dynamic risk, cost, or tax mitigation strategy or you simply want to stay on top of the latest exclusive opportunities that are typically only available to ultra-affluent Family Offices, VFO Hub Membership gives you this access. Perhaps you just need to speak with an Attorney who specializes in an International Tax area that you need to address.

Your VFO Hub Membership enables you to speak directly with the specialists you are looking for, or you can simply send in the Fact Pattern of the situation you are working to solve and have a TEAM of Analysts review it and build a comprehensive list of ideal solutions — ranked in order of “best fit” which will make you look amazing while saving you precious time and energy.

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Each specialist who is qualified to work with VFO Hub clients has a powerful, capable and committed back office that works with firms across the country and often around the globe. Each specialist is experienced and fully trained to work in collaboratively with other Advisors who are already working with the Family Office or CPA firm.

VFO Hub is typically 3 or 4 deep at every position, and each Facilitator is trained to match up the personality types to ensure that each specialist is the perfect fit for each specific project that our clients want to complete.

VFO Hub has an ongoing review process of each specialist, and we are constantly interviewing experts in various fields to ensure that our clients have access to BEST-IN-CLASS in and BEST-OF-BRAND across every discipline.

VFO Hub has an exclusive partnership with FACT PATTERN ANALYTICS (FPA), the global leader in analyzing complicated financial information and delivering custom-designed solutions using over 150 Advanced Strategies in combination to access many millions of possibilities. VFO Hub members receive access to FPA at no cost (or deeply reduced rate – depending chosen features) and its proprietary process of analyzing information and working closely you and the appropriate
specialists/thought leaders to make you look good while analyzing every possible combination of solutions until the perfect solution has been built – based on the goals and information provided.


  • Income and Estate Tax Mitigation
    • Fact Pattern Analytics
    • Proactive Liquidity Event Planning
    • ESOPs
    • Captives
    • Trust & Corporate Services
  • Family Governance
    • Family Council
    • Family Assemblies
  • Risk and Cost Mitigation
    • Cyber-Security Risk Reduction
    • Comprehensive Cost Audit System
    • Real Time Accounting
    • Asset Protection Strategies
    • Legislative Opportunities
  • Wealth Preservation and Enhancement
    • Investment Banking
    • Private Deal Network
    • Alternative Investments
    • Strategic Portfolio Management
    • Private Equity & Hedge Funds
    • Wealth Transfer Strategies
    • Succession Planning
    • Real Estate Management
  • Charity & Philanthropy
    • Gifting and Giving Strategies
    • Foundations
    • Charitable Structures
  • Strategic Relationships Management
    • Specialized Legal Services
    • Real-time Accounting
    • Airplane Management
    • Media Relationships
    • Political Relationships
    • Elite Concierge Service
    • VFO Private Event Access
    • International Relocation
    • Yacht/Boat Management