I love working with high-quality people and resources that VFO Hub has introduced. This unique relationship has enabled me to expand my vibrant network even further when serving the wants and needs of my Family Office clients. Their analytics system saves me a lot of time and energy, which enables me to provide world-class solutions to the challenges I am asked to solve. This is a first class organization that I would recommend to Family Offices or CPAs who want to offer high touch service to their very best clients.

Richard Muscio
CPA, Leader of a Multi Family Office, Best Selling Author, Radio Talk Show Host




  • For a myriad of reasons, I tempered my enthusiasm regarding my expectations for the ATPI. The biggest reason for this is just a simple observation that none of you are CPA’s or Tax Lawyers. I have attended continuing education training sponsored by the AICPA, the American Bar Association and many of the country’s top tax law schools for years. For the most part, that training has been excellent. The problem is that when you attend these multi-day programs, it’s difficult to fill your schedule with content that is relevant to your personal business needs. You almost always attend some sessions because you need the hours, but the topic or content is entirely irrelevant to what you do every day in your practice. The quality of this program was second to none that I have previously attended!I cannot tell any of you enough what a great, great job you have just done!! It takes a team to pull this off. No matter the vision of those in charge of the ship, it takes a serious team effort to achieve such an outstanding result. Maybe you guys can’t even appreciate the magnitude of your accomplishment because you haven’t attended 40 hours of continuing education per year for the past thirty years, but please accept my most sincere and respectful congratulations. I plan to associate with each of you and your organization as long as you find my participation beneficial to everything you want to accomplish. I could not be more proud to say I am associated with each of you. Yours is a beautiful organization, made up of beautiful individuals! Bravo!

    Anthony Bird, CPA
    Managing Partner, Cornerstone Wealth Strategies
  • This ATPI is unlike any CE class I have attended in the past. The ATPI has broadened my knowledge of advanced tax planning and has set our firm apart from others that are not interested in offering their clients the best cutting-edge ideas in existence for their tax and financial needs.
    Linda Catalina, CPA
  • The 3 day event is awesome! I learned that there are so many important deductions available which I was not aware of for my existing clients, as well as future potential clients. The amount of knowledge and expertise all brought together under one roof is unbelievable.
    Brad Chowdry, CPA
  • As a two year participant in the ATPI, I have found the level of expertise of the speakers, the multitude of topics covered and the relevance of each topic for my clients to be in the top 5 percent of CE classes I have ever attended.
    Ray Gallagher, CPA Partner, Lavine, Lofgren, Morris & Engelberg
  • I’ve been to three ATPIs. I’ve got more tools than ever to work with now, and I feel I can tackle the biggest client, because I know I have the knowledge and experts behind me. By attending the ATPI, my practice has expanded its scope tremendously!
    Joe Ventura, CPA Partner, Ventura Kuehn & Associates
  • I would suggest all CPAs go to this event. Everything you need is in that room. It’s going to revolutionize the way you use your resources, save you time, and give you more opportunities to add value to your clients.
    Bob Aleshire, CPA, Managing Tax Partner, Anton & Chia
  • The ATPI has opened up a new world of possibilities for assisting clients and associates. It has educated me in various areas, but unlike other seminars, the ATPI also provides the experts to assist with implementation when applicable.
    Shirley Kamen, CPA
  • The ATPI is a terrific opportunity to meet and get to know some the more knowledgeable professionals who specialize in tax planning, tax strategy and tax mitigation areas that we as CPAs might not have an opportunity to work with otherwise. It also provides an opportunity to learn about solutions that your client will be amazed that you are even aware of.
    Kirk Walwick, CPA Partner, Gatto, Pope, & Walwick
  • The three days provided me with incredibly innovative and advanced tax planning strategies for my clients.
    Paula Simeone, CPA